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Bring your gift ideas to life through our premium bespoke process 

At Light of Sakina, we offer more than just our retail products. We are passionate about curating a personalized gifting experience per your request. We create customized gifts for any event, whether it be making modifications to our current products or helping create a new gifting concept.


Boxes & Bags

Our team can fully customize our products for you, from candles, gift cards, gift boxes and more. We strive to combine your unique personality with our wide array of gifting expertise.

Curate gifting experiences for corporate gifting's, weddings, birthdays, special celebrations and more. 

Our customizations are and not limited to:

  • Candle Stickers

  • Candle Packaging

  • Boxes & Gift Bags

  • Ribbons 

  • Cards

  • Keychains 

  • Bundle Gift Sets



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