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Our Story

Light of Sakina is a Dubai-based luxury scent company with sustainability, spirituality, & giving back at the essence of its soul.

When traveling to Najaf in 2018, the founder, Naila Shirazee, visited widows and orphans in impoverished areas. It was there that she realized how important it was to empower these women financially, as much as she can. Along with her assistant Sheila, both embarked on a candle-making journey. They taught widows how to make candles over the internet, and sold candles in Najaf & Dubai.

Once their candles began to sell out, the non-profit transformed into a for-profit, as Naila recognized that a fully-capitalized business would empower women further.

And thus, Light of Sakina was born. At the heart of the business resides the intention of creating beautiful products which uplift spirits, protect the earth, and help those in need.

Today, Light of Sakina candles illuminate and touch numerous souls all around the world with flagship stores in the UAE and a presence in Canada, US, & Africa.

Message from the Founder