Our Story

Light of Sakina started was borne out of Naila Rahim’s sheer will to spread love, light and positivity and the commitment to give back to the Earth.

She found many candles, with great scents but truly none that could claim to be sustainable and luxurious. Simple yet aromatic. Spiritual yet grounding.
And so Light of Sakina was born.
Naila started her venture as a simple non-profit, teaching first widows over the internet the art of candle making, empowering women in Najaf to be self-sufficient. No easy feat, but one with great success. The candles were immediately sold.
And so, everything conspired to create a sustainable, luxury candle business called Light of Sakina. Together with her assistant Sheila Venture, Naila traipsed night markets of Dubai and day bazars of the rest of the UAE to bring together a perfect blend and established her candle atelier right here in Dubai, that delivers all over the UAE.
She and her team, learnt and taught the art of candle making to themselves, the women who needed them and now a full fledged team. Using only the best organic soy wax, organic fragrant oils, and eco friendly cotton wicks, they -poured candles in glass jars, that can be refilled to reduce land waste, creating a catalogue of scents to serenade your senses.
The first edit included 15 candles, with the team planning to sell only twenty. 700 was the total number sold over the course of the holy month of Ramadan. The rest, as they say is history.
Uplifting occasions to engage your soul and uplift your spirit is what the brand does best through its collections which are revealed across milestones throughout the year. With inclusivity at the heart of everything, the team does candles for Ramadan, Diwali and creates personal experiences for a myriad of occasions such as birthdays, baby showers and weddings galore. The candle scents culminate the best of everything – lilies from valleys of yore, Persian roses, heady Oudh from the Middle East, and fruity strawberry and banana scents to spark joy.
A brain-child of a former board member of an energy company and a mother, Naila Rahim met the challenge of creating a women centric business with the ethos of giving at the heart of it all, with grace and humility.
 Naila and her team hand pick the scents and she is personally involved from concept to fruition of each collection branching her sustainable luxury business to bath salts and Misbahs. Each article in the LoS brand reflects the spirit it embodies – to uplift one's soul and calm the senses.
This commitment to the business is followed by the brand’s determination to give.
Each sale donates USD $1 to charity. The company recently, donated to an elderly home in Sri Lanka to improve their living situation.
Today the sustainable luxury brand has two stores in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and Nakheel Mall at The Palm Jumeirah, in addition to a busy website, and a flourishing Instagram account.
The team is always open to a conversation, and offers a personalized luxury gifting experience to whoever approaches them, virtually or over a cup of chai.


My wish for you is to live a life of peace, purpose & meaning.

Being part of a business which gives back to communities, is in harmony with the planet and uplifts other beings through the incredible & olfactory experience of scent brings me tremendous peace.

Thanking Allah ( swt ) for the tremendous blessing. 

Hoping our candles inspire you to start your own personal heart journey  today.

Do keep me posted !

Light & Duas

Light of Sakina Founder Naila Rahim