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Listen to your Dreams & Visions



Scent Story

Roya is a fragrance that transports you to a mystical world where messages and guides may be found. The scent journey is unique, taking you to other realms where you can find your teacher and experience a deeper connection with the universe. The fragrance embodies the mystical and magical aspects of life, making it perfect for those seeking to connect with their spirituality and explore their dreams and visions.


Roya is a luxurious scented bakhour that blends the scents of Agarwood, Bergamot, and Rose to create a fragrance that embodies visions, dreams, and aura. The Agarwood notes in Roya provide a sense of depth and mysticism to the fragrance, while the Bergamot notes bring a fresh and uplifting quality to the scent. The Rose notes provide a sweet and floral aspect.


The sweet and unique scent of Roya lingers on the skin, creating an aura of mystery and intrigue. The fragrance is perfect for those who wish to live in a mystical world and experience the messages and guides that may be found there.


Roya - رؤية (White)

AED239.00 Regular Price
AED167.30Sale Price
  • Oud, Saffron, Rose, Amber, Myrrh

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