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Medium Aqeek Misbaha

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We will start with the Aqeeq, as it is the gemstone of the Prophet (Pbuh). This is a truly unique stone as it is reported to be the first stone to testify to the Oneness of Allah (Swt) and Muhammad (Pbuh) being His Messenger. Although we cannot perceive it, apparent inanimate objects do worship and glorify God. In the first Verse of Chapter 62 of the Holy Qur’an it is mentioned: 

“Everything in the heavens and on Earth glorifies Allah.” 

Thu’s you can imagine the benefit of wearing an Aqeeq – or any gemstone for that matter – because you will constantly have something on your person that is glorifying God, which can only have a good effect on you. 

There are many other narrated benefits for the Aqeeq specifically, this includes its ability to: 

Repel poverty 

Provide protection from every evil 

Turn a two rakat prayer to be recorded as a 1000 rakat 

Remove hypocrisy 

Repel sadness and distress 

Brighten one’s face 

Get prayers and requests to Allah (Swt) answered quicker