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White Onyx Misbaha

  • Dhs. 69.00
  • Dhs. 69.00
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The White Onyx is a Gemstone that has a meaning and properties of making its owner’s mind positive because of its negative energy purifying effect that can clear anxiety or sadness. It can help you recognize yourself correctly by organizing your mind. It is a popular Amulet to keep things in track. White Onyx is often use among people who use their body a lot. Many sports people, trainers, people who work outside or go out a lot for sales uses this gemstone because of its very strong energy inside that helps them to repel sadness. 


Love and Relationships

 Help find an ideal partner, Release tension, Make the relationship positive,

Make it comfortable & Clear up misunderstanding

 Money and Business

Improve Endurance, Increase sales performance, Keep reason,

Exercise the original ability & Achieve purpose

Other Benefits

Improve sustainability, Eliminate anxiety, Increase defensive strength,

See things through till the end & Increase motivation