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Find your Power 



Scent Story

Khalifa is a unique and exquisite men's scented bakhour that combines the richness of vanilla, the depth of tobacco, and the warmth of tonka to create a fragrance that is both powerful and elegant.


The scent opens with a heavenly blend of vanilla, which immediately transports you to a place of serenity and calm. The tobacco notes add a hint of intensity and depth, while the tonka notes provide a sense of warmth and comfort. The overall effect is one of luxury and sophistication, making this fragrance perfect for a man who values power, nobility, and honor.


Khalifa is a fragrance that combines earthly and divine qualities, making it the perfect fragrance for a man who wants to elevate his senses and reach for something higher.



Scent Note:

Tonka, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cacao, Spice

Khalifa - خليفة

AED239.00 Regular Price
AED167.30Sale Price
  • Tonka, Tobacco,  Vanilla , Cacao, All Spice

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