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Gifts from the Gate of Light

Gift Set Scent Story

The Rayyan Gift Set of Attars | Oil Perfumes is a collection of three exquisite fragrances - Sakina, Safaa, and Baraka - each with its own unique scent story and notes that are sure to captivate and delight.

Sakina, meaning tranquility, is a fragrance that evokes a sense of peace and serenity with its notes of frankincense, chamomile, and musk. It is perfect for those who seek a calm and peaceful presence, and is a bestseller among our customers.

Safaa, meaning clarity, is a fragrance that brings clarity and focus with its notes of lavender, oud, and amber. It is perfect for those who value mental clarity and seek to be centered and focused in their daily lives.

Baraka, meaning blessings, is a fragrance that embodies the feeling of being blessed and grateful with its notes of rose, oud, and iris. It is perfect for those who value gratitude and seek to appreciate the beauty in every moment.

All three fragrances in this collection are made with high-quality attar oils, ensuring a long-lasting and rich scent experience. The Rayyan Gift Set Attars Oil Perfumes is the perfect gift for both him and her, and is a luxurious treat for yourself.

With beautiful scent stories behind each fragrance, and a giftable packaging, the Rayyan Gift Set Attars Oil Perfumes is the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication.


Indulge in the tranquility of Sakina, the clarity of Safaa, and the blessings of Baraka, all in one beautifully packaged set.



    • Safaa - صفاء
      Oud, Lavender, Iris, Amber, Musk
    • Baraqa - بركة
      Amber, Sandal, Agarwood, Musk, Rose
    • Sakina - سكينة
      Bergamot, Oud , Cedarwood, Mandarin, All Spice

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